26 Sep 2011

Crowns to match existing teeth – Rochester Hills

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Crowns - Rochester Hills Family DentistryCrowns are a cosmetic restoration used to improve your tooth’s shape or to strengthen a tooth. Crowns are most often used for teeth that are broken, worn, or have portions destroyed by tooth decay.

Crowns are “caps” cemented onto an existing tooth which fully cover the portion of your tooth above the gum line. In effect, the crown becomes your tooth’s new outer surface. Crowns can be made of porcelain, metal, or both. Porcelain crowns are most often preferred because they mimic the translucency of natural teeth and are very strong.

Crowns are often preferable to silver amalgam fillings. Unlike fillings which apply metal directly into your mouth, a crown is fabricated away from your mouth. Your crown is created in a lab from your unique tooth impression which allows a dental laboratory technician to examine all aspects of your bite and jaw movements. Your crown is then sculpted just for you so that your bite and jaw movements function normally once the crown is placed.

13 Mar 2011

White Composite Fillings provide a tooth colored filling

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white-composite-fillings-rochester-hillsWhite Composite Fillings provide a tooth colored filling vs. amalgam fillings.  White composite fillings are a mixture of glass or quartz filler in a resin medium that produces a tooth-colored filling. They are sometimes referred to as composites or filled resins. Composite fillings provide good durability and resistance to fracture in small-to-mid size restorations that need to withstand moderate chewing pressure. Less tooth structure is removed when the dentist prepares the tooth, and this may result in a smaller filling than that of an amalgam. Composites can also be “bonded” or adhesively held in a cavity, often allowing the dentist to make a more conservative repair to the tooth. Dr. James P. Thomas DDS in Rochester Hills, MI can provide expert white composite fillings for your teeth.

13 Mar 2011

The Zoom! Teeth Whitening procedure

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The Zoom! Teeth Whitening procedure is simple, painless, and fast. 

zoom-teeth-whitening-rochester-hillsThe Zoom! In-Office Whitening System is a revolutionary teeth whitening procedure. In just over an hour, your teeth will be dramatically whiter. The convenience of Zoom! compared to days of wearing trays and gradual whitening makes it the perfect choice for busy individuals.

The Zoom! Whitening procedure is simple and painless. It begins with a short preparation to isolate your lips and gums. Our staff will then apply the proprietary Zoom! Whitening Gel, which is activated by a specially designed light. Teeth typically become at least six to ten shades whiter, sometimes more. A five-minute fluoride treatment completes the procedure. You’ll be amazed with the results. In most cases teeth get even whiter the first few days after the procedure. You can now have the “Hollywood smile” you have always dreamed of.

12 Mar 2011

Implants are great for chipped or missing teeth

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Dental ImplantsImplants provide a great solution for chipped or missing teeth. Although not for everyone, dental implants can provide natural looking replacement of missing teeth. They can also be used to anchor or stabilize dentures. Dr James P. Thomas DDS of Rochester Hills, MI can provide an expert assessment to determine if dental implants are the best solution for you.